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Response to League of Women Voters of Greater Peoria

Elected Office:
Tazewell County Board Member, District Three: 2008 - 2014
Tazewell County Board Member, District Three: 2002 - 2006
Washington City Council Member, Alderman Ward Four: 1999 - 2002
Washington City Council Finance & Personnel Committee, Chairman: 2001 - 2002
Washington City Council Public Safety Committee, Member: 1999 - 2002


Military: NA


Owner of Ackerman Consulting, a Media Relations Company. Representing my company, I hold the position of Director of Media Relations for the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago.


University of Illinois in Springfield, Studied Political Science
Illinois Central College, Studied Horticulture & Political Science
Washington Community High School, Class of 1997


Washington, Illinois


Current City:
Washington, Illinois


Married to Maria Randitsas Ackerman since 9/27/08. Father of two sons and one daughter: Christian John Ackerman (7), Dimitrios George Ackerman (6), Anastasia Maria Ackerman (11 months)


Answers to the following questions should be concise (3-5 sentences):
Why do you want to be Tazewell County Clerk?
My campaign for Tazewell County Clerk is centered on my commitment to GROW, STRENGTHEN, and IMPROVE the office of Tazewell County Clerk. I have been committed to improving Tazewell County Government Transparency for over ten years. I believe a more effective, responsive, transparent Tazewell County Clerk's Office will empower the citizens of Tazewell County.


What are your top priorities, if elected?
The office needs to restore the faith of the taxpayers that it will deliver nothing short of the highest level of constituent service. The office has for too long operated while knowing of the failings in transparency. Despite the availability of funding, staffing and equipment to improve the level of transparency provided, the office has only recently made strives to improve. And these changes have only scratched the surface and not fully addressed the shortcomings that still exist and could easily be rectified.

Finally, we will need to work hard to break the reputation the office has acquired for being late with the reporting of our election results. Election after election, for years on end, and despite media pressure for improvements the current office has made minimal efforts to improve the time it takes to accurately report the election results.


My approach to each of these and much more can be found in my comprehensive Strategic Plan. Many involve a different attitude towards these problems, in many cases I acknowledge the shortcomings that are known to all but deigned or simply ignored by the current office holder. A few involve the new updated equipment that will need to receive the support of the County Board to proceed forward.


How will you use your power as Tazewell County Clerk to advance these priorities?
My comprehensive Strategic Plan outlines the improvements I would make to the office of Tazewell County Clerk once elected. These improvements are based not in theory but rather successful implementation already in our comparable counties.


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