For Tazewell County Clerk






The March 20th Republican Primary Election is quickly approaching. As such, opinion pages of our local newspapers will begin to fill up with endorsements for political candidates. These endorsements have long been an important part of any political campaign.


In the campaign for Tazewell County Clerk, I am confident one of my opponents will release the endorsements of several established county government officials. Those endorsements will be nice, but I am proud of my plethora of endorsements.


Since late last fall, I have been honored to showcase a series of videos entitled “Together We Can”, based on my campaign commitment that together we will GROW, STRENGTHEN, and IMPROVE the office of Tazewell County Clerk. These videos have been available on my website ( as well as featured on my Facebook Page (John C. Ackerman for Tazewell County Clerk).


Each video in this series has begun with various supporters of my campaign for Tazewell County Clerk. They are not establishment political officials; they are citizens of Tazewell County. They are Caterpillar retirees, owners of small businesses, a local radio host, member of law enforcement, a teacher. They are hunters, community volunteers, farmers, a college professor and students.


Two of them are proudly wearing US Navy attire as they are US Navy Veterans, but the videos included members of the US Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard as well. One of them was in the field hunting, another was just finishing the fall soybean harvest, several filmed at the doorway to their homes or at community events.


Separate from these individual endorsements, I am honored to have the recognition of two organizations. I am the only candidate for Tazewell County Clerk to have my past accomplishments in improving transparency of Tazewell County Government recognized by the Bloomington Pantagraph with a Sunshine Award. As the only candidate for Tazewell County Clerk with a detailed Strategic Plan, I am honored to have that plan endorsed by the Illinois Policy Institute as the actions required for the Tazewell County Clerk's office to improve to the level of Transparency of our comparable counties.


While I may not have the support of some of the long-term Tazewell County political establishment, I am honored to have the endorsements of hard working citizens from throughout Tazewell County. As I have said at the conclusion of each of these videos, together, with your help, we can and we will, GROW, STRENGTHEN, and IMPROVE the office of Tazewell County Clerk.


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